Skin Lightening Kojic Facial Soap - Zemala Natur'el
Skin Lightening Kojic Facial Soap - Zemala Natur'el

Skin Lightening Kojic Facial Soap

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Skin Lightening Kojic Facial Soap

Natural Handmade Skin Lightening Exfoliating Facial Soap with Kojic, Turmeric and Pearl powders, Organic oils and butters, pure essential oils and herbal extracts.
Brighten your skin with our new Handmade Kojic Turmeric Exfoliating Soap. This product comes with a special Double Layer Exfoliating Mesh Soap Saver Pouch. It gives you a simple and easy way to work up lather with cleanser for better cleansing result.
🌱Kojic powder helps lighten visible sun damage, age spots, or scars. In addition to skin-lightening effects this powerful ingredient contains some antimicrobial properties which is great for acne prone skin.
🌱 Pearl powder protects skin from sun damage; Gives a glowing skin; Unclogs the pores; Exfoliates and brightens skin; improves elasticity and great for customers with acne.
🌱 Turmeric is a wonderful gift from Mother Nature. Turmeric contains curcumin which is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This herb helps improve skin complexion, rejuvenates dull-looking skin, brightens it and makes it glow.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Ground Oats, Carrot Seed Oil, Turmeric Powder, Kojic Acid, Pearl Powder, Aloe Extract, Saffron Extract, Neroli - Lemon Essential Oil

Net.Wt. 4oz

The Skin Lightening Kojic Facial Soap is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

Inventory Last Updated: Aug 07, 2022