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Charcoal and Pearl Organic Cleanser

Charcoal and Pearl Organic Cleanser

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Charcoal and Pearl Organic Cleanser

* Also available in Unscented-Fragrance Free.

Charcoal and Pearl Organic Foaming Cleanser contains soothing provitamin B5, organic activated charcoal, pearl powder, japanese camellia extract, cucumber extract, manuka essential oil, geranium essential oil and multiple peptides. This product is ideal for all skin types including blemished and sensitive skin.

- Activated Charcoal targets acne and acts like a magnet to attract and absorb dirt and oil on your face. When bacteria in your pores comes in contact with carbon, it sticks to it and gets washed away when you rinse.

-–Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, was known to use pearl powder in her beauty routine for clear, bright, and firm skin. Pearl powder has been used by women in China to maintain their beauty. Gives a glowing skin; Exfoliates and naturally brightens skin; great for customers with acne.

Net.Wt. 4oz

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