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Kumkumadi Day Cream -SPF 25

Kumkumadi Day Cream -SPF 25

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Kumkumadi Day Cream -SPF 25

Natural cream with precious oils and extracts. Soothing, moisturizing, silky, firming. 

Free of parabens, sulphates and harmful preservatives.

–Rose Petals Water is toning, moisturizing and rejuvenating 

–Kumkumadi Oil is a glam facial oil. It is a unique blend of oils and ayurvedic herbs formulated to help skin look young and healthy.  

-Red Raspberry Seed Oil is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E and Polyphenols. 

–Shea Butter  moisturizes dry skin, reduces blemishes.

–Pearl powder: Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, was known to use pearl powder in her beauty routine for clear, bright, and firm skin. It protects skin from sun damage; Gives a glowing skin; exfoliates and brightens skin;  improves elasticity and great for customers with problem skin. 

- Rice powder smoothes fine lines.  It contains a few sun-protecting agents like ferulic acid and allantoin, which convert it into a good natural sunscreen. This powerful ingredient leaves the skin with a wonderful velvety feel without imparting any whiteness.

-Bearberry Leaf extract is a natural skin lightener that works by reducing melanin production.

Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol, Xyliance, Rice Bran Wax, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Kumkumadi Oil, Pearl Powder, Rice Powder, Raspberry Seed Oil, Chaulmoogra Oil, Gurjun Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Acai Berry Extract, Japanese Cherry Extract, Bearberry Leaf Extract, Turmeric Extract, Calendula Extract, Geranium EO, Saffron EO. 

net.Wt. 2 oz 




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