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Scented Potpourri Sachets

Scented Potpourri Sachets

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Scented Potpourri Sachets
                                                         Handmade. Non Toxic

You can place these handmade scented sachets anywhere that can use a fresh new scent. Hang them in your closets or place them where you store linens. You can also put them in your briefcase, luggage, office, cat litter box, etc! Our scented sachets are made of a 100% natural biodegrable granular base derived from vegetables and non-toxic blend of essential fragrance oils.

Muslin Bags 4x3 in

Can be used as:

☑️ Christmas Gift
☑️ Bridesmaid’s Gift
☑️ Birthday Gift
☑️ Party Favors
☑️ Wedding Favors
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